Because it doesn't matter who you are.

Where you're from. What you've achieved. Or what you haven't - yet.

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Wisdom is the start of all living legends. Our hoodies are icons for... 


Wisdom is the start of all living legends. Our tee shirts are an... 

  • Strong

    Wisdom is power, and we’re full of it. We’re a bold, brave brand that stands up for what’s right. We use language to pack a punch. And our visuals feel powerful and energetic.

  • Iconic

    We’re a modern icon for modern gods. We use words and imagery to stand out – but we keep it simple, classic, classy. We create legends, not just trends.

  • Wise

    We’re a brand that’s built on wisdom, and we want to share our wisdom with the world. We use quotes to motivate and empower. We take a philosophical approach to copy. And we consider every word, every pixel, carefully.